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Message started by johnmchilton on 12/07/07 at 07:06:21

Title: Serial Settings
Post by johnmchilton on 12/07/07 at 07:06:21
Hi, I am writing code to transfer data between a Wiring board and a computer.

I need to know what defaults the Serial library uses for parity, databits, and stop bits.

I am guessing these are none, 8, and 1 because those seem to be the most common, but I'm asking just to make sure. Thanks!

Title: Re: Serial Settings
Post by barragan on 12/07/07 at 21:31:38
Settings are 8, N, 1
The source code is here: http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/lib/Serial/

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