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Message started by herfmarc on 12/28/06 at 02:27:14

Title: mobile + micro LCD's
Post by herfmarc on 12/28/06 at 02:27:14
I wonder if there is any information available
on how to connect mobile / micro Lcd's
using the wiring board / soft- and hardware -

i already looked up the links as listed in the following
but could not find any information -

( ... since i am a novice to "wiring" i would not dare to experiment
with this technology - hence apologies if this issue was
covered in a similar way
or is a matter of modifying the LCD description
that is downloadable via this site)

sparkfun.com (mobile LCD)


additional information + forum


Title: Re: mobile + micro LCD's
Post by barragan on 12/28/06 at 09:19:27
Yeah sparkfun have some interesting examples, let me look into them to see what's needed.

Title: Re: mobile + micro LCD's
Post by herfmarc on 12/30/06 at 13:28:03
thanks - am looking forward to that -
could be an alternative to the graphic, dot matrix and other

As for the latter -
already started to look up sources on how to
connect LCD's - got scared by the versatile technology

amongst others i found this helpful - but german - source
Overview Dot-Matrix LCD's

... and a cost-effective (chinese) vendor
vendor for really cheap LCD's (and all-sorts-of LED's)

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