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Message started by roy_pardi on 09/22/06 at 17:47:34

Title: how much delay?
Post by roy_pardi on 09/22/06 at 17:47:34
All the examples I have seen (I think) have some amount of delay in their loop().

I'm wondering: is a delay required for the board to take a breathe (or something...  ;)
Is 100 ms the best value? Just wondering

Title: Re: how much delay?
Post by barragan on 09/23/06 at 03:55:52
hi Roy, it depends on what you're doing, for example if a sensor or device requires a time for acquiring a "good" reading, also because there are phenomena which takes time to happen, for example when positioning a servo, it takes some time for the servo shaft to get there, if you send values to it continuously it will act erratic, it is needed to wait for the servo to get there then mark another position. When using devices like shift registers there is no need for delays they can respond very fast, so no need for delays in the loop.
So there is no something like breathing for the board. :)

Title: Re: how much delay?
Post by roy_pardi on 09/23/06 at 04:08:25
heh... ok, thanks. I was just wondering if the board needed some time to itself... (to reset serial ports or do some housekeeping, answer email, reflect on being abused by neophytes..).

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